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Zenwalk Linux

Zenwalk Linux was originally based on Slackware and called Minislack; it has become different over time from Slackware but still maintains binary compatbility with Slackware's packages, meaning that you can install software from Slackware's package repositories. Zenwalk aims to be slim and fast with only one application per task and with a focus on graphical desktop and multimedia usage.

Order Zenwalk Linux 5.0

Zenwalk 5.0 was released on January 8th 2008, and is the first Zenwalk release to introduce the Freedesktop HAL system. Noticeable enhancements found in version 5.0 are numerous software updates, including the latest X.Org 7.3 suite of X servers, drivers, fonts and other software. Other updates include the latest version of the Iceweasel web browser, the Icedove email client and hundreds more! Zenwalk's default desktop environment is based on Xfce, which is now at version 4.4.2. The 5.0 Live CD was released on March 25th 2008 with a bug fix 5.0.1 release on May 1st 2008.

We have screenshots of Zenwalk 5.0 Live here.

More details can be found in the Zenwalk 5.0, Zenwalk Live 5.0, and Zenwalk Live 5.0.1 release announcements on the Zenwalk website.

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Order Zenwalk Linux 4.8

Zenwalk 4.8 was released on October 6th 2007 and the live edition on 16th November 2007.

This release of Zenwalk Linux comes with the Linux kernel, with its new wireless stack, tickless clock and 1000 Hz scheduler for better reactivity while lowering power consumption (ideal for laptops). Read the full release annoucements for Zenwalk 4.8 and Zenwalk 4.8 Live Edition on the Zenwalk website.

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