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Zenwalk Live 5.0 Screenshots

The screenshots below are from Zenwalk Live 5.0. You can buy Zenwalk Live from our Zenwalk Live page. With the exception of the first two, when the system was in text mode, they were all taken at 1024x768 (the first two were 640x480) and have been scaled down to 600x450. All screenshots are on this single page.

Sections: Boot up | License Agreements | Xfce | Desktop Background | Clock Format | Iceweasel | Thunar | User Guide | Shutting Down

Boot up

The first screenshot below, shows the boot up screen after you have put the Zenwalk Live 5.0 Live CD into your computer and started up. You need to make sure you have changed the BIOS settings, if they were not already set that way, to boot from CD. It will automatically boot into "English" after 30 seconds, unless you make another selection and then press <enter>. You can start the boot process at any time into the English option by clicking the enter key.

zenwalk live language selection

After making a selection from the previous menu, or after 30 seconds have passed, there's another boot menu. This one lets you select from starting Zenwalk Live normally, in safe graphics mode if you have issues booting normally, doing a memory test or going back to the previous menu to change the language. As with the first menu it will automatically choose the selected option after 30 seconds unless you make a selection first.

zenwalk live boot menu

Zenwalk then changes to graphics mode as shown in the screenshot below and begins to boot process.

starting zenwalk live

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License Agreements

Before you can get to a Zenwalk desktop you must first agree to some license agreements. First the GNU General Public License Version 2. Pressing the <enter> key to select "Exit" is enough to get past this screen and you don't need to bother scrolling down to the end with the arrow keys.

license agreeement

The next license agreement is the Adobe Software License Agreement. Select "Exit" by pressing the <Enter> key...

license agreeement

and then use the left arrow key and enter to get through the screen asking you to agree.

license agreeement

The final license agreement you have to agree to before Zenwalk Live will proceed is the Intel Software License Agreement for IPW2100 Firmware. This works the same as the Adobe one, i.e. click <enter> to select "Exit",...

license agreeement

and then right arrow and <enter> again.

license agreeement

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Finally... Zenwalk Live will now resume the boot process and start Xfce. The first screenshot below shows Xfce starting up with a splashscreen. The text in the bottom of the splash screen changes to show which part of the startup process it is up to.

starting xfce on zenwalk live

The next screenshot shows the default Zenwalk Live 5.0 Xfce desktop after boot up. There are a few icons on the desktop to access the file system etc, a user guide and a link to the Zenwalk website. The top bar is the panel which shows which applications are running, and has a desktop pager and the clock in the top right. The small panel at the bottom contains links to a few more applications and has the volume control on the right.

zenwalk xfce desktop

You can access the full menu to applications by right clicking anywhere on the desktop (that's not an icon) and a menu will appear as shown below. This menu is multi layered with the top level options and then a cascading menu which appears as you mouse over the top options (eg Accessories, Development, Graphics, Multimedia, Network etc). The screenshot below shows the "Settings" sub menu open showing the various settings that can be configured on Zenwalk Live. From this screenshot on the desktop background is black to keep the image size smaller.

zenwalk xfce menus

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Changing the desktop background

To change the desktop background, as I have done for the rest of the screenshots to keep the filesize down, right-click on the desktop then select the "Settings" then "Desktop Settings" options as shown in the screenshot above. This will then show the "Desktop Preferences" dialog as shown in the screenshot below. You can change the background image or switch it off and have a colour instead. All changes are applied immediately as soon as you make a change in the dialog.

change the desktop settings

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Changing the clock format

To change the clock format, click the clock in the top right of the top panel. You will see a small menu like the one shown in the screenshot below. Click the "Properties" option to change the clock format.

changing clock settings

This will then show a dialog like the one below. There are a number of different options for formatting the appearance of the clock area as well as changing the format of the clock itself. You can choose to have multiple clock lines, each showing different values by checking the "show line 1", "show line 2" etc boxes. The format and font size is in the box and drop down next to these. In the example below it's the default setting of %H %M which shows a 24 hour format hour, followed by a space, followed by the minutes.

changing clock settings

The clock format uses the function "strftime" which has placeholders which are substituted with the actual date and time information. A full list of these can be found here on the Open Group website. In the example below I changed the format to "%I:%M %p %D" which is a 12 hour time format followed by am/pm and then the date. The example below represents this in the clock as "11:27 PM 04/08/08". You can play around with it and set it how you like.

changing clock settings

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Iceweasel Web Browser

Zenwalk Live 5.0 comes with the Iceweasel web browser version Iceweasel is a re-branded version of the Firefox web browser. The screenshot below shows it looking at the Linux CD Mall website homepage, with the "About Iceweasel" dialog box on top.

iceweasel web browser

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Thunar Filesystem Browser

Zenwalk Live 5.0 uses Thunar to browse the filesystem. You can access it by clicking the folder icon on the bottom panel as shown in the screenshot below. After clicking it, it shows a few default locations you can browse to, including the full filsystem, trash and desktop. You can also start Thunar by using the icons on the desktop (floppy drive, trash, home and filesystem).

starting thunar

The following screenshot shows Thunar browing the root level of the file system, with the "About Thunar" dialog on top.

thunar filesystem browser

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Zenwalk Live User Guide

The desktop has an icon which links to a local copy of the Zenwalk Live User's Guide. Clicking it opens up the user guide in the Iceweasel web browser as shown below. The first page in the guide lets you select which language to view it in.

zenwalk live user guide

The following screenshot shows the English language contents of the Zenwalk Live User Guide.

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Shutting down

To shut down Zenwalk Live right-click in the desktop and select the "Quit" option, which is at the bottom of the menu. You will then see a dialog like the one in the screnshot below, which allows you to log out, restart or shut down.

shutting down Zenwalk Live

After clicking shut down, the Xfce desktop will close and the screen will go back to the scrolling text you last saw after accepting all those license agreements, as shown in the screenshot below. You can see the last agreement agreed to, some text about starting X11 etc, and now the shut down text. It will continue scrolling until it tells you it is ejecting the CD and then the system halting.

shut down

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