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Xandros Linux

Xandros Linux is a Debian based Linux distribution with the intention of creating an easy to use out the box replacement for Microsoft Windows. As well as a number of paid for releases Xandros make available an open circulation edition which we are able to provide here as it is abailable for download free of charge. Because it is a free version there are some imposed limitations such as CD burning being limited to 4x, no DVD burning and no development tools included.

Order Xandros Linux

These are the freely available versions of Xandros. Since the release of Xandros 4.0 there no longer appears to be a freely available version of Xandros and we are therefore unable to currently supply the most recent version of Xandros. Please be aware if you order from the list below you will not be ordering the current version of Xandros.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

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