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Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is a official derivative of Ubuntu Linux and has been designed for multimedia creation and editing. The Linux kernel that comes with Ubuntu Studio has been modified into a low-latency state for intensive audio work. Ubuntu Studio comes on DVD only, so you must have a DVD in order to install it. There is also no separate live version and only a text based installer, similar to the "alternative" installer for Ubuntu.

Order Ubuntu Studio 8.04

Ubuntu Studio 8.04 is the third release of Studio, released on April 24th 2008 and is based on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. It comes in either a 32 bit or 64 bit alternate install variant. This release comes on a DVD; there is no CD version.

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32 bit or 64 bit? If the processor in your computer is an AMD64 or an Intel64 then you can use the 64 bit version. If in doubt about which to buy, choose the 32 bit version as it will work on both types.

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