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System Rescue CD

SystemRescueCd is a bootable CD-ROM containing the Linux operating system and system admin tools for accessing your computer to repair and recover data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the partitions of the hard disk.

SystemRescueCD contains system utilities and basic tools such as: GParted, a graphical disk partitioner; GNU-Parted, a text based partition tool; Sfdisk, another partition table tool; Partimage, a Ghost/DriveImage clone; the LILO and Grub boot loaders and tools; file system tools for accessing and repairing various file system types: ReiserFS, Reiser4progs, xfsprogs for XFS, jfsprogs for JFS, e2fsprogs for ext2/ext3, ntfsprogs for NTFS, dosfstools for FAT/VFAT; text editors: nano, vim, qemacs, elvis, joe, leafpad; archiving tools: tar, gzip, bzip2, zip, unzip, rar, unrar, unace; mkisofs and cdrecord for burning CDs and DVDS; NTFS-3g which allows full read and write to NTFS partitions; the Links and Lynx web browsers; ftp, ssh, NFS and samba clients; and more.

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SystemRescueCD 1.0.2 was released on April 28th 2008.
View the changelog on the System Rescue CD website for more details.

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