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Slax Linux

Slax Linux is a live bootable CD based on Slackware and was created by Tomas Matejicek. The system requirements of Slax are fairly minimal: i486 or higher, 30MB to boot, 64MB to run fluxbox or 128MB to run KDE. The primary goal of Slax is to provide a useful collection of software but still fit onto an 8cm mini CD.

When you first start up Slax you are prompted for a login name and password. Use "root" and "toor", or "guest" and "guest" to log in.

Order Slax Linux 6.0

Slax Linux 6.0 was released on February 11th 2008 and contains the 2.6.24 Linux kernel and now uses aufs instead of unionfs (used in older versions of Slax) for better stability and features. The 6.0.7 contains bug fixes etc to the 6.0 branch.

View our Slax 6.0.2 screenshots for a preview.

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Order Slax Linux

Slax Linux features the Linux 2.6.16 kernel and KDE 3.5.4. It was released on November 25th 2006. You can order it in either the standard sized 12cm CD, or the mini sized 8cm CD. The "Kill Bill" edition comes with WINE to run Windows applications. The "Popcorn" edition comes with Xfce, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, XMMS, Gaim & AbiWord; it does not include KDE. The "Server Edition" comes with many internet services ready to use.

We also have Slax versions 5.0.1 through 5.1.8. If you wish to order these older versions please send us an email.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.


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