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Slax 6.0.2 Screenshots

The screenshots below are from Slax 6.0.2. You can buy Slax from our Slax page.

Boot menu selection

The first screenshot, below, shows the boot menu selection screen after inserting the Slax Live CD into your computer. You need to make sure you have changed the BIOS settings, if they were not already set that way, to boot from CD. After 9 seconds it will automatically boot into the first choice.

slax boot menu

Starting KDE

The second screenshot shows KDE starting up with the Slax customised KDE loader. It gets into graphical mode after maybe a minute of initial bootup stuff with scrolling text.

starting kde

Default Desktop

The screenshot below shows the default Slax desktop afer booting into it. I used a VMWare virtual machine to boot into Slax from the CD ISO image, and I've noticed live CDs generally tend to start automatically at 800x600 screen resolution. With the exception of the Konqueror screenshots below all the screenshots followed were 800x600 and have been reduced to 600x450 to display here. The Konqueror ones were 1024x768 and reduced to 600x450. For the screenshots following this one, I've also changed the background to a plain blue to keep the file size down.

slax default desktop

Changing the screen resolution

In the system tray theres a little blue icon with an arrow on it. Clicking this allows you to see the available screen resolutions and change it, as shown in the screenshot below.

changing the screen resolution

After clicking the appropriate resolution, you will be prompted to accept the confguration or return to the previous configuration. After 15 seconds it will automatically return to the previous screen resolution if you don't do anything. This is useful if the setting is wrong and the output on your screen is garbled or blank.

confirm screen resolution

KDE Menus / Internet Applications

The screenshot below shows using the KDE Menus on the Slax Linux CD. The Internet applications option is selected, showing Web Browser (Konqueror), Mail Client (KMail), Instant Messenger (Kopete) and so on.

k menu

Running Konqueror

The next two screenshots show the Slax website and the Linux CD Mall website loaded into Konqueror on Slax. I adjusted the screen resolution to 1024x768 to take these screenshots as both sites are designed for a higher resol

konqueror viewing slax website
konqueror viewing linux cd mall website

KDE Control Center

The control center on the K Menu is the default KDE Control Center. There don't appear to be any additions to it which are Slax specific.

kde control center

Slax Module Manager

The Slax Module Manager allows you to install Slax Modules, which can be downloaded from http://www.slax.org/modules.php . The screenshot below shows the default modules which have been loaded in Slax 6.0.2

Adding a new module

Download a module from http://www.slax.org/modules.php and then click the "Add a new module" button. This will load the "Select LZM Module" dialog shown below. For this example I downloaded the Firefox module and saved it to root's home folder. Select the lzm file and then click the "Open" button.

adding a module

This then loads the module and shows a message, as shown in the screenshot below, to show that it has been loaded successfully. You can see that the Firefox module is now in the list of modules. Note that when the module is loaded the original lzm file is deleted. You can remove modules at any time by selecting it and clicking the "Remove selected module" button.

firefox module added

Now that we've loaded the Firefox module it can be found on the K Menu under "Internet". The final screenshot below shows Firefox running on Slax 6.0.2.

firefox on slax

You can buy Slax from our Slax page.

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