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Fedora Linux

The Fedora Project is an offshoot from Red Hat Linux and was created by Red Hat in September 2003 after they discontinued Red Hat Linux at version 9. Red Hat use the Fedora Project as a proving ground for new technology which will eventually make it into their commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux product, and have a more open development process which allows the community to contribute to the project.

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CentOS Enterprise Linux is a binary compatible distribution of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux; it conforms with Red Hat's redistribution policy and is therefore not a Red Hat product nor is it endorsed or supported by Red Hat. The Linux CD Mall uses CentOS as its server operating system.

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Red Hat Linux

Red Hat was founded in 1994 by Bob Young and Marc Ewing and is today one of the leading Linux distributions especially in the corporate world. Red Hat used to produce a free distribution known simply as "Red Hat Linux" which has now been replaced by the Fedora Project. Red Hat continues to produce their Red Hat Enterprise Linux product which is based in part on the work done by the Fedora Project.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is produced by Red Hat and targeted toward the commercial market. Red Hat commits to supporting each version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for 7 years after its release. It is commonly abbreviated as RHEL but Red Hat is now attempting to discourage this. Please note: we do not sell Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but do have CentOS Linux which is binary compatible with it.

Red Hat is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. Fedora and RPM are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc.

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