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PCLinuxOS is a live Linux distribution that you can pop into your CD drive and run directly from the disk and then install it permanantly if you wish. It uses a form of on disk compression so can store up to 2GB of data and includes software such as the KDE desktop manager, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox and much more. It is also possible to install PCLinuxOS to your computer using an easy to use installer once you have started it up.

PCLinuxOS is based on a fork of Mandrake Linux 9.2 and is still mostly binary compatible with current Mandrake/Mandriva RPM packages. PCLinuxOS maintains its own repository of software packages and the system, once installed, can be updated with the Synaptic interface to the APT package management tool.

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The 2008 "MiniMe" edition was released on January 7th 2008 and comes with kernel, alsa 1.0.15 and a very basic KDE 3.5.8 desktop. This is a minimal LiveCD that is bootable, plus it can be installed. Read the MiniMe 2008 release announcement in the PCLinuxOS support forums.

The most current full version of PCLinuxOS is 2007 which was released on May 21st 2007. It contains KDE 3.5.6, the Linux kernel and a variety of useful software such as Open Office 2.2.0, Firefox, Thunderbird 2.0, Frostwire, Ktorrent, Amarok, Flash, Java JRE, Beryl 3D. Almost 2 GB of software are compressed on a single self bootable livecd that can be installed to your hard drive should you choose to. PCLinuxOS does not ship with Win32codes or DVD decryption software. Proprietary Nvidia and ATI drivers available after hard drive install.

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