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PCBSD is a FreeBSD based BSD distribution with a GUI installer to make it easier to install FreeBSD to your desktop. The installer is very basic and there is no choice about which packages to install but within minutes you have a fully functional FreeBSD 6.0 desktop running KDE. See the screenshots below to see the simple installation process. Additional packages from what comes on the CD can be downloaded from the PC-BSD packages page.

Order PC-BSD 1.5.1

PCBSD 1.5.1 was released on April 23rd 2008 as a service release to 1.5 released on March 12th 2008. It is based on FreeBSD 6-STABLE and comes with Xorg 7.3 and KDE 3.5.8. It comes either as a standalone install CD with English support only, or the install CD and a lanaguages CD with multi language support for KDE and some additional optional components. Read the press release and release notes on the PC-BSD website for more information.

The VMWare image be be booted with the VMWare Player under Windows or Linux and needs to be copied from the DVD to your computer first.

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32 bit and 64 bit? If the processor in your computer is an AMD64 or an Intel64 then you can use the 64 bit version. All other computers should use the 32 bit version. If in doubt about which to buy, choose the 32 bit version as it will work on both types.


The screenshots below are taken from PC-BSD 0.6 showing the install process and then using KDE after the install has completed.

Click the thumbnail image to view a larger image. Mousing over the image shows you how large it is in kb and gives a brief description. All screenshots were have been scaled down to a 600x450 image.

pcbsd screenshot 12kb - pc bsd boot menupcbsd screenshot 70kb - pc bsd installer welcome screenpcbsd screenshot 38kb - setting up the drive partitionspcbsd screenshot 45kb - setting up the boot loaderpcbsd screenshot 58kb - installer progresspcbsd screenshot 57kb - installer completepcbsd screenshot 59kb - setting up root user and normal userpcbsd screenshot 71kb - installation completepcbsd screenshot 1kb - boot loaderpcbsd screenshot 69kb - gui login screenpcbsd screenshot 86kb - kde starting uppcbsd screenshot 49kb - viewing the pcbsd homepage in konqueror

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