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The OpenDisc for Windows

OpenDisc is a collection of high quality open source software applications for the Microsoft Windows platform. The two goals of the disc are to provide free alternatives to otherwise costly equivalents, and to educate people about the Linux operating system. The disc will be updated periodically as new versions of software are continually released.

The OpenDisc project replaces the OpenCD project after Chris Gray left the OpenCD. Chris Gray's blog explains why he left OpenCD and created OpenDisc.

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OpenDisc 7.10 was released on September 27th 2007. It includes FileZilla, OpenOffice, Blender, ClamWin, Firefox, Pidgin, WinSCP, Tux Paint, Dia, GnuCash, VLC Media Player, Sumatra PDF, TrueCrypt and more.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

Linux CD Mall is a based in New Zealand
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