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OpenBSD is a BSD based UNIX operating system which strives to create the most stable and secure operating system and is ideal as an Internet server, firewall or router. It was forked from NetBSD at the end of 1995. The OpenSSH open source SSH suite was developed as part of the OpenBSD project and is now in use in the other BSD distributions and most Linux distributions.

The basic installer CD available here gives you a bare minimum system. The "Installer and Packages" gives you the minimum system installer CD, and an additional packages DVD created from the FTP mirrors. You can install packages after running through the install process and booting up for the first time. In order to fit the packages on to a single DVD we have had to skip a number of package files, although these are mostly language files. Please follow the links below to see what is and what is not on the DVDs.

Order OpenBSD 4.2

OpenBSD 4.2 was released on November 1st 2007. Release information is available here.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

32 bit DVD contents, files left out of the 32 bit DVD
64 bit DVD contents, files left out of the 64 bit DVD

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