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Mythbuntu Linux

Mythbuntu is an Ubuntu derived Linux distribution which is recognised as a community supported project by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux. Mythbuntu uses the XFCE window environment and its focus is running as a standalone Myth TV system. MythTV turns a computer into a digital video and multimedia recorder and player. All unnecessary applications, such as OpenOffice, Evolution, and a full Gnome desktop, are not installed for a Mythbuntu installation, but can be added at a later time if required.

Mythbuntu can be used as a "live" system as well as installing it, meaning you can boot into the Mythbuntu desktop without having to install anything to your computer. However you do need to have a MythTV backend somewhere on your network in order to play anything.

Order Mythbuntu Linux 8.04

Mythbuntu 8.04 was released on April 19th 2007 and is based on Ubuntu 8.04.

Read the release notes on the Mythbuntu website.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

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