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Mepis is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution that can either be run as a live bootable CD or installed to the hard drive; this means you can test it out on your system to see how well it works for you before actually installing it. Mepis comes with over 1100 packages on the install CD and can be easily updated and new software installed using the APT package management system using the synaptic GUI frontend. Mepis runs on i586 and higher processors so requires at the minimum a Pentium processor; it will not run on 386 or 486 systems. It will run on Itanium and AMD64 processors in 32 bit mode.

If you decide to order Mepis Linux, please support Mepis Linux by registering your copy at www.mepis.org

Order Mepis Linux 7.0

The long awaited Mepis 7.0 was released on December 23rd 2007. Some of the important packages included with the 7.0 release are: an updated and security patched kernel, Xorg 7.1.0, KDE 3.5.8, OpenOffice 2.3.0, Firefox, Thunderbird, Digikam 0.9.2, Sun Java 6.00, Amarok 1.4.7, mplayer 1.0.rc1, fuse driver 2.7.0, ntfs-3g 1.710, madwifi-ng Atheros driver, wpa-supplicant 0.6.0, ALSA sound drivers 1.0.15, libglib2.0 2.14.0, libgtk2.0 2.10.13, and QT 4.3.1-1.

Read the full release announcement on the Mepis website.

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32 bit and 64 bit? If the processor in your computer is an AMD64 or an Intel64 then you can use the 64 bit version. All other computers should use the 32 bit version. If in doubt about which to buy, choose the 32 bit version as it will work on both types.

Order SimplyMepis Linux

Simply Mepis 6.5 was released on April 4th 2007 and comes with the Linux kernel 2.6.15, X.Org 7.1, KDE 3.5.3, Firefox 2.0, the latest NVIDIA and ATI graphics drivers, and Beryl 0.2.0. The 32 bit version is suitable for all PCs, and the 64 bit version for 64 bit computers such as those with AMD64 and Intel 64 based processors.

The version we have here was released on April 28th and adds Vista detection, newer alsa sound utilities, better handling of CDROM devices, etc.

The full press release for Mepis 6.5 can be read here.

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Order Simply Mepis Linux 6.0

Simply Mepis 6.0 was released on July 21st 2006 and is now based on Ubuntu (previously it was based on Debian). SimplyMEPIS offers advanced hardware autodetection, multimedia integration, and an easy to use installer. Featured software includes KDE 3.5.3, Kontact 1.2.3, OpenOffice 2.0.2, Firefox, Thunderbird, RealPlayer 10.0.7, as well as hundreds of other top quality applications. SimplyMEPIS 6.0 runs the latest security patched 2.6.15 Linux kernel from Ubuntu-Security.

The full press release for Simply Mepis 6.0 can be read here.

The 6.0.1 DVD contains a number of bug and security updates over the CDs and also contains all the packages contained on the additional CDs.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

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