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Mepis Antix

Mepis Antix is a lightweight edition of Mepis which uses the Mepis core but with a different set of default user applications, such as Fluxbox and IceWM as the window managers, AbiWord, Gnumeric, Scite, Nano, Iceweasel, Sylpheed, Pidgin, XChat.

AntiX is designed to work on computers with as little as 64 MB RAM and Pentium II or equivalent AMD processors, but not K5/K6 processors. After installation, even 32 MB RAM has worked.

If you decide to order Mepis Antix, please support Mepis Linux by registering your copy at www.mepis.org

Order Mepis Antix 7.2

Mepis Antix 7.2 was released on May 16th 2008. You can read the full release announcement on the Mepis website and a list of installed applications on the Mepis Antix Wiki.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

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