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Knoppix is a live bootableLinux distribution on CD,meaning that you can put the CD into your computer, start it up andwithin a couple of minutes have a an active Linux desktop running onyour computer. Knoppix does not install anything onto your computerwhen you run it from CD so can be used to evaluate Linux withoutinstalling it or damaging your computer, test your computer's hardwarefor compatibility with Linux, and troubleshoot problems that may behappening with another Linux or Windows installation on your computer.It you like Knoppix it is possible to create a persistant homedirectory on your computer to save preferences etc, or install it ontoyour system so you don't need to keep booting from CD all the time.

Knoppix is based on Debianand boots into the KDE desktop by default. It comes with, among othersoftware, the XMMS Multimedia System, Konqueror, Mozilla, the CDburning application K3b, the image software Gimp and the OpenOffice.orgoffice suite. Knoppix by default boots into the Linux 2.4 kernel branchbut booting in 2.6 has been available since version 3.4 by typing in"linux26" at the boot prompt. Other boot time options are available bypressing the F1 key at boot time, such as booting into a console onlyor using an alternative boot manager such as Xfce, WindowMaker, Fluxboxor Icewm.

Buy Knoppix 5.3.1

Knoppix 5.3.1 was released on March 28th 2008. Read the release announcement on the Knoppix website. Knoppix 5.3.1 comes on DVD only; if you want Knoppix on CD you will need to buy the older 5.1.1 release below. View our screenshots of Knoppix 5.3.1.

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Buy Knoppix 5.1

Knoppix 5.1.1 was released on January 4th 2007 and contains some bugfixes to the 5.1.0 version released on December 31st 2006.

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Buy Knoppix 5.0

A preview of Knoppix 5.0 DVD was made available at CeBIT 2006 and the first public release was made available on June 2nd 2006. Knoppix 5.0.1 includes the Linux Kernel 2.6.17, Xorg 7.0, KDE 3.5.2, Gnome 2.12, OpenOffice 2.0.2 and write access for NTFS partitions. The Knoppix Installer now makes it possible to upgrade existing installations of Knoppix. The CD comes with a reduced number of software packages.

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Buy Knoppix 4

TheKnoppix 4.0 DVD made itsfirst public release on August 17th 2005, following the preview releaseat Linux Tag in Karlsruhe on June 23rd 2005. The version we haveavailable here is the English version of the public release. It comeswith both KDE 3.4.1 and Gnome 2.8.1. You can view 33 Screenshots ofthe Knoppix 4.0 DVD here. The CD and DVD versions are 4.0.2 which werereleased on September 24th 2005.

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Buy Knoppix 3

Knoppix 3.9 comes with KDE3.4.0; Knoppix 3.8.1 & 3.8.2 come with KDE 3.3.2; 3.7 with KDE3.3.1; 3.6 with KDE 3.2.3; 3.4 with KDE 3.2.2, 3.3 with KDE 3.1.5. Weare interested in getting hold of Knoppix 3.1 (which comes with KDE3.0.4) for testing purposes; if you are able to supply us with a copyof this please contactus. Note that Knoppix runs oni486 and higher processors only.

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