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Knoppix 5.3.1 Screenshots

The screenshots below are from Knoppix 5.3.1. You can buy Knoppix from our Knoppix page.

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Boot up

The first screenshot below, shows the boot up screen after you have put the Knoppix 5.3.1 Live DVD into your computer and started up. You need to make sure you have changed the BIOS settings, if they were not already set that way, to boot from DVD. You need to hit the enter key in order to start the boot process.

knoppix boot screen

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Knoppix 5.3.1 Boot Options - "Cheatcodes"

While at the above screen, you can press the F2 and F3 keys to show the boot options, also known as "cheatcodes". To get back to the first screen you can press the F1 key. To just boot up Knoppix without bothering about boot options just hit the enter key. To boot into text mode only, for example, you would type in "knoppix 2" and then hit enter. The full list of cheatcodes are available on the DVD.

Pressing F2.

knoppix boot f2

Pressing F3.

knoppix boot f3

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Booting up

The next screenshot shows Knoppix beginning the boot process after you have hit enter from the boot screen. Here it's currently detecting hardware.

knoppix booting up

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Starting KDE

Within a few seconds, assuming the system has been able to successfully boot up, Knoppix will go into graphical mode (assuming you didn't use the boot option to boot into text mode) and you'll see a screen like in the following screenshot which shows KDE loading up. The graphical screenshots were done in a VMWare virtual machine and most screenshots were made at 1024x768 and and reduced to 600x450. After the first couple below I changed the desktop background to black to reduce the size of the pictures.

The next screenshot shows Knoppix 5.3 after it has completed loading into KDE. It opens up a Konqueror web browser by default with some Knoppix information.

knoppix ready to go

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Web browsers

The next two screenshots show the Linux CD Mall website loaded into Konqueror 3.5.9 and then in Ice Weasel The "About" dialog boxes are sitting on top of the website in both screenshots.

konqueror on knoppix
iceweasel on knoppix

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KDE Menus

The Knoppix 5.3.1 DVD comes with a lot of software. The next few screenshots show there are a lot of applications available from the "K" menu.

Graphics Programs

k menu - graphics

Internet Applications

k menu -  internet

Multimedia Software

k menu - multimedia

Office Applications

k menu - office

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Changing the window behaviour

Knoppix 5.3.1 has the default KDE window behaviour, which is to "Shade" a window when you double click the title bar area. I've always found this a little annoying and prefer double clicking to maximize/restore the window. The next couple of screenshots show how to change this.

Firstly, right click the title bar area and a menu will appear as shown below. Select the "Configure Window Behavior" option. This is highlighted in the screenshot below.

changing window behaviour

A new dialog window will appear as shown below. Select the "Actions" button in the left side options and then change the "Titlebar double-click" option to whatever you prefer. The new behaviour will take affect as soon as you click the "OK" or "Apply" buttons.

double click maximize

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Changing icon double-click behavior

The other thing I find annoying is the default behaviour of having icons/files/folders in Konqueror opened by a single click. To change this behavior, select "Control Center" from the K Menu, then select "Peripherals" then "Mouse" as show in the screenshot below. Then in the "Icons" section change the "Single-click to open files and folders" to "Double-click to open files and folders..." if you prefer this behaviour too. Then click the "Apply" button.

change double click behaviour

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Browsing files with Konqueror

Konqueror is a file browser as well as a web browser. Clicking the house icon on the grey bar at the bottom of the screen will open up Konqueor in your home directory. In the screenshot below I had clicked on the link to the hard drive on the system and am browsing it. The "About" dialog box is sitting on top.

browse files with konqueror

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The Knoppix 5.3.1 DVD comes with the OpenOffice.org office suite (and lots of other software). The next couple of screenshots show starting it up, and editing a document with OpenOffice.org Writer.

starting open office
open office writer on knoppix

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Changing the screen resolution

In the system tray there is a blue icon with an arrow on it. Clicking on it will show a menu as shown in the example screenshot below which allows you to select the desired screen resolution.

changing the screen resolution

After selecting the appropriate resolution it will change and a small dialog will appear like the one shown in the screenshot below. This prompts you to accept the new configuration. After 15 seconds the old resolution will be restored, which is useful if you selected a screen resolution that your monitor/graphics card could not handle and the screen output is garbled or goes blank. If this happens just wait and it will return to normal shortly.

screen resolution change confirmation

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Shutting down

When you are done and shut down, Knoppix will drop back out of KDE and graphical mode and you'll see something along the lines of the following screenshot. This takes you back to the console and you'll see the same output as before KDE started, followed by the text saying processes are being shut down.

shutting down knoppix

When everything is shut down and the system is ready to be halted, the DVD will be ejected. You are then prompted to press any key to power the computer off, but it will also automatically power off after 2 minutes. This is shown in the example screenshot below.

shut down

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