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gOS is an Ubuntu derived Linux distribution that uses the Enlightenment desktop environment and has an Mac OSX style dock with links through to several web based applications, such as Google Docs, Wikipedia, and Gmail. gOS is not affiliated with Google in any way.

gOS runs as a live DVD which means you can run it directly off the DVD without installing it to your computer. You then have the option to install it permanently if you so choose.

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gOS Space 2.9 was announced on April 11th 2008 on the gOS Blog. It was launched to celebrate the launch of the MySpace Developer Platform, and gOS Space is aimed at the "MySpace Generation.", with a Mac OSX like dock that aggregates the most popular web apps into neat, usable stacks for MySpace, News, Photos, Videos, Music, TV, Tools, and Fun.

This is a live DVD which can run directly from the DVD and you can install it to your computer if you choose.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

gOS Screenshot

An example screenshot of the gOS Space 2.9 desktop is below.

gos space 2.9

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