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Games Knoppix

Games Knoppix is a parallel development of Knoppix which concentrates on creating a version of Knoppix packed with games. It is a live bootable version of Linux that you can use without having to install anything on your computer; just pop the CD or DVD into your computer and reboot and within a couple of minutes you'll have a Linux desktop running on which you can play many games. The Knoppix Games developers intend to release a version to coincide with each release of Knoppix.

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Games Knoppix 4 is a DVD only release which was released on September 14th 2005.

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Games Knoppix 4.0 comes with the following games: ace-of-penguins, adonthell, amphetamine, amphetamine-data, armagetron, asc, asc-data, atanks, attal, beneath-a-steel-sky, bomberclone, bomberclone-data, boson, bsdgames, bzflag, bzflag-server, castle-combat, clanbomber, clanbomber-data, coderedaa, conquest, conquest-data, conquest-gl, conquest-server, crack-attack, crossfire-client, crossfire-client-gtk, crossfire-client-x11, crossfire-maps, cube, droidbattles, education-logic-games, efp, empire, enigma, enigma-data, etw, fillets-ng, flight-of-the-amazon-queen, foobillard, freecell-solver-bin, freeciv-client-gtk, freeciv-client-xaw3d, freeciv-data, freeciv-server, freecraft, freesci, ggz-game-servers, ggz-gtk-game-data, ggz-gtk-games, gl-117, gltron, gnocatan-client, gnocatan-meta-server, gnocatan-server-console, gnocatan-server-gtk, gnuchess, gnugo, gtans, gtetrinet, gtkboard, holotz-castle, holotz-castle-data, imaze, inform, jumpnbump, jumpnbump-levels, kanatest, kobodeluxe, koth, kq, lbreakout2, lbreakout2-data, lgeneral, lincity-ng, lincity-ng-data, liquidwar, lmemory, lugaru, mah-jong, mancala, mordor, nagi, nethack, nethack-common, nethack-console, nethack-lisp, nethack-qt, nethack-spoilers, nethack-x11, netpanzer, netpanzer-data, neverball, nogravity, Nexuiz, pioneers-ai, planetpenguin-racer, planetpenguin-racer-data, privateer, privgold, pysol, robotour, scorched3d, scorched3d-data, scorched3d-doc, stratagus-gl, supertux, supertux-data, toppler, torcs, torcs-data, torcs-data-cars, torcs-data-tracks, tuxkart, uqm, vegastrike, vdrift, wesnoth, widelands, widelands-data, xarchon, xbattle, xblast, xblast-tnt, xblast-tnt-mini, xboing, xbomb, xchain, xdigger, xevil, xgalaga, xmahjongg, xmille, xshisen, xskat, xsoldier, xtron, xvier

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The first release of Games Knoppix 3 was made in December 2004 and the second in January 2005. Each contains a different set of games which are detailed here for 0.1 and here for 0.2.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.


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