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FreeSBIE - Live Bootable FreeBSD

FreeSBIE is a live CD based on the FreeBSD operating system. You simply insert the FreeSBIE CD into your computer and within a minute or so you have a running version of FreeBSD without having installed anything or made any changes to your computer. FreeSBIE 1.x is based on the 5.3-STABLE branch of FreeBSD and FreeSBIE 2.x on the 6.2-RELEASE of FreeBSD. It is possible to install FreeSBIE 1.x onto your computer using the BSDInstaller. The 2.x release does not support this at the current time.

As with all live CDs, FreeSBIE allows you to test if your computer is capable of running FreeBSD on your hardware without actually installing anything.

FreeSBIE is commonly mispelt as freebsie but a Google search does not yet correct the spelling. If you search for freesbie rather than freebsie your search will yield far more results. This is true for all the major search engines.

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FreeSBIE 2.0.1 was released on February 11th 2007, and is a bugfix for 2.0 released on January 15th 2007. The release announcement is available here and the original 2.0 announcemenet here The release notes, handbook and FAQ here

FreeSBIE 1.1 was released on December 12th 2004, and version 1.0 on February 27th 2004. 1.1 runs both the Fluxbox and XFce (4.2 beta) window managers and 1.0 just XFce (4.0.3). All versions run on i386 or higher processors.

The release announcement for FreeSBIE 1.1 is available here.

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