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Foresight Linux

Foresight Linux is based on rPath and showcases the latest version of the Gnome desktop environment. It features rPath's Conary package management system, which only updates those specific files in packages which need to be updated, in contrast to other formats, such as the RPM and DEB formats, which download whole packages.

Order Foresight Linux 2.0

Foresight Linux 2.0 was released on March 12th 2008 and comes with Gnome 2.22. It comes on either a single DVD or 2 CD installer, in either 32 bit or 64 bit flavours. Read the release announcement for more details.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

32 bit and 64 bit? If the processor in your computer is an AMD64 or an Intel64 then you can use the 64 bit version. All other computers should use the 32 bit version. If in doubt about which to buy, choose the 32 bit version as it will work on both types.

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