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Dreamlinux is Debian based, live CD Linux distribution. It can boot as a live CD, meaning that you can boot a Dreamlinux desktop off the CD onto your computer without actually installing anything to it, or can be installed permanantly if you so choose.

Dreamlinux's interface has a strong similarity to that of Apple's Mac OS X and allows you to choose between the Gnome or Xfce window managers at boot time. It contains an "Easy Install" system which allows you to easily install a wide range of additional software such as full DVD capability, Opera, Skype, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Azureus and so on. These are listed below.

Order Dreamlinux 3.1

Dreamlinux Desktop Edition 3.0 was released on April 30th 2008 and the 3.1 bugfix release a few days later. Is features a complete redesign and is the current version of the distro, now supporting a totally independent architecture named Flexiboost, based on overlaid modules. The feature allows the co-existence of two (or more) separate window managers (currently Gnome and Xfce), sharing the same customized appearance. Both working environment share all the applications available.

Read the Dreamlinux 3.0 overview and Release Announcement on the Dreamlinux website and forums. See below for the software that comes with Dreamlinux.

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The following software comes on the Dreamlinux 3 CD:

  • Window Managers: Gnome 2.20, Xfce 4.4, Compiz-Fusion
  • Internet: Pidgin Instant Messenger, Gftp, Thunderbird Mail Client, Iceweasel (Firefox), FlashPlayer, Java
  • Office: OpenOffice, Evince
  • Graphical Applications: Inkscape, Gimpshop, Gthumb, Xsane
  • Multimedia: Rhythmbox, Mplayer, Gxine, SoundJuicer, SoundConverter, Avidemux

Easy Install Applications:

The following applications can be installed using Easy Install: Google-Earth, Google-Desktop,Picasa, Kompozer, Opera Browser, Skype, Adobe Acrobat Reader 8, Azureus, WineHQ/Wine-Doors, W32Codecs, DVD Support, Nvidia Driver, HandBrake, Mono and more.

Multimedia notes:

Dreamlinux Desktop 3.0 Edition comes with all the codecs and media players need for a good multimedia experience. The system is capable of playing the following formats: avi (xvid/divx), mpg, mp4(h264), mp3, ogg, ogm, mov (quicktime), flac, aac, wav, ape, flv (flash movies), swf, cd audio, cd video, dvd video, ipod videos. For dealing with wma, wmv, rm and rmvb you can install extra codecs available via Easy-Install. For a full DVD capability you can install dvd-support also via Easy-Install. Using Avidemux and/or Sound Converter you will be able to convert any format.

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