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Debian Linux is the leading non-commerical Linux distribution, created and maintained by an association of volunteers. Debian is based on the Linux kernel, GNU tools and thousands of other applications and utilities. The Debian Project was started by Ian Murdock in 1993 and was initially sponsored by the Free Software Foundation's GNU project.

Debian forms the basis of many other Linux distributions including Xandros, Ubuntu and the popular "live" distribution Knoppix.

Debian has its own packaging system which greatly simplifies installation and updates of new and existing software applications and utilities with the Advanced Packaging Tool. APT consists of the dpkg and apt-get command line utilites but there are front ends to simplify installation even further with Aptitude (a console front end) and Synaptic (a GUI front-end). The APT tools automatically resolve dependencies helping to avoid the package dependency hell which still plagues RedHat's RPM packaging system.

The latest release version of Debian is always called "Stable" and the latest "bleeding edge" development version is known as "Unstable". The current stable version of Debian is 4.0 which is codenamed "Etch"

Buy Debian Linux 4.0r3 "Etch"

Debian Etch 4.0r3 was released on February 17th 2008 and is the third security and bug update release for Debian 4.0. There are many thousands of software packages on the Debian CDs and DVDs and they come on a total of 21 CDs plus additional 1st CDs for the KDE and XFce desktop environments. The more popular applications are on the earlier CDs so we have three 6 CD sets for each of the different desktop environments and then an 8 CD set with all three. There is also a 23 CD set containing all the CDs but most people would generally only need the smaller sets; any additional software can simply be installed via the Internet. With the DVDs you can select 1, 2 or 3.

Read the 4.0r3 release announcement on the Debian website. Read the original 4.0 release announcement and i386 release notes and amd64 release notes on the Debian website.

32 bit and 64 bit? If the processor in your computer is an AMD64 or an Intel64 then you can use the 64 bit version. All other computers should use the 32 bit version. If in doubt about which to buy, choose the 32 bit version as it will work on both types.

Debian 4.0 i386 / 32 bit

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Debian 4.0 amd64 / 64 bit

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Debian 4.0r3 Multi Architecture

The Debian Multi Architecure DVD has the ability to automaticaly detect and use the most appropiate architecture for your computer, and contains enough software to install a desktop. This DVD will install to regular PCs, the newer Apple computers using Intel Processors, and the older Apple computers using PowerPC processors.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

Debian Linux 3.1r7 i386 "Sarge"

Debian Sarge 3.1r7 was released on December 29th 2007. It is the 7th security and bug fix update to the Debian 3.1 release. If you already have Debian 3.1 then you do not need this to update your system as you can simply do it using the apt or synaptic package management tools. The release announcement is available here

We also have the previous 3.1rX releases available should you need them for some purpose (they are not listed on this page to avoid ordering confusion). Should you need these older versions please order from the list below and then email us to let us know which previous version you would like.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.


View 66 screenshots of Debian Sarge 3.1r0 here. These cover the installation process in which we install Debian from the first 2 CDs only. There screenshots cover the installation process and some basic KDE and Gnome applications running.

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