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Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux is a 50MB Live Bootable Linux distribution based on Knoppix. It was designed to run on business card sized CDs and you can buy it from the Linux CD Mall in either mini 8cm sized CDs or as a normal full sized 12cm CD. Damn Small Linux comes with a number of applications including XMMS, Mozilla Firefox, VNCViewer, Rdesktop, Xpdf, word processor, spreadsheet application and the Fluxbox window manager. The more recent 4.x based releases allow you to choose between JWM, Fluxbox or SWM. It's also possible to install Damn Small Linux permanently on your computer if you wish.

Order Damn Small Linux 4.3

Damn Small Linux 4.3 was released on April 22nd 2008, and gives you the choice of JWM, Fluxbox or SWM as the window manager. Read the full 4.3.0 changelog on the DamnSmall Linux website for more details.

You can order Damn Small Linux either on an 8cm or 12cm size CD. The 12cm size is the standard CD size. We also have a number of older versions of DSL available so please email us if you require one of the older releases.

The Linux CD Mall will be reopening soon.

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